Upland Picnic Unit

Upland Picnic Unit

A robust integral unit, with boards of green European oak or treated softwood and brown finished steel frames, designed for semi-rural locations.

It combines the rustic appeal of our Woodland picnic unit with the strength of our steel framed units. The 2300 DA version provides good wheelchair access.

  • Boards finished in dark oak coloured spirit based woodstain
  • Frames finished in either Acrylic Coating or Street-Tough finish in brown 08B29 as standard.
  • Eleven other at no extra cost.
  • Supplied with pedestal base mounting (for bolting down), as standard
  • Supplied as separate boards and frames, requiring assembly
  • K3 rawl bolts or K10 extended rawl bolts are available to bolt the unit down
  • K13C (225mm long), or K14C (400mm long) galvanised ground fixing extensions are available to concrete the unit in
Lakeland picnic set Diagram
  • Table boards 47 x 145mm approx. finished
  • Seat boards 47 x 120mm approx. finished
  • Frames 50 x 50 x 3mm hollow, with 50 x 75 x 3mm hollow table legs
  • Length 1800mm, weight approx. 134kg.
  • Length 2300mm, weight approx 162kg.
Boards finished in dark oak coloured spirit based woodstain



Eleven standard colour options at no extra cost.

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