Stainless Steel Bins

Stainless steel is perhaps the ultimate material from which to manufacture all steel seats and litter bins. It is immensely strong, corrosion resistant and has a stunning appearance.

These products are ideal for prominent public areas or sea front environments, and are made entirely from a very high grade of stainless steel, 316, which is highly resistant to corrosion.

They are supplied with a brushed satin finish to the actual metal of the seat or bin, so because no coatings are used, there are no finishes to scratch off or damage, which makes these items particularly vandal resistant, and virtually maintenance free.

Stainless Steel Seats
Stainless Steel Seats
We pay particular attention to the finishing details on the important visible parts of these products, especially the end caps of box sections, as shown above. All components are TIG welded which reduces the size of the welding bead and minimises welding spatter.

When used in a sea front environment some surface discolouration of the stainless steel will be experienced, particularly on areas that are not abraded by clothing (i.e. on litter bins and on the backs and legs of seats).

This discolouration, which at its worst can consist of light brown deposits, can be removed by polishing.

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Oxford Bin with lid

Oxford Bin with lid

Immensely strong and attractive, this bin is available with either a galvanised single post mounting, as shown, or with all four corner posts extending into the ground.

View Oxford Bin with lid