Cambourne Seat

Newport Bench

The Newport design is cost effective, immensely strong and resistant to vandalism.

They are Street-Tough finished as standard, but if costs need to be kept down can be specified in our Acrylic Coating. The Newport Bench is available with a rounded corner option for a small additional charge. This adds an element of elegance not normally associated with such utilitarian seating.

  • Street-Tough finish in dark green 14C40 as standard.
  • Acrylic Coating available.
  • Eleven at no extra cost.
    Also available in any other B.S. or RAL colour for a surcharge.
  • Supplied with extended legs (for concreting in), as standard.
  • Also available with pedestal base legs (for bolting down)
  • Pedestal base option can be bolted down with K3 rawl bolts, or K10 extended rawl bolts
  • Supplied partially assembled, with legs to bolt on
Arlington Diagram
  • Slats 50 x 100 x 2mm hollow
  • Frames 50 x 50 x 3mm hollow
    (with 50 x 75 x 3mm hollow legs)
  • Length 1800mm - Weight approx 40kg.
  • Length 2400mm - Weight approx 53kg.

Eleven standard colour options at no extra cost, any other B.S. or RAL colour for a surcharge

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