Montgomery Bin with lids

Montgomery Bin

This bin is designed to complement our Traditional range of seats, and our cast iron ended products. It has wooden corner posts and additional slats to give an all-wooden appearance, whilst retaining the inherent benefits of a steel framed construction.

It is reasonably fire resistant, but the wooden slats on the lid can be damaged in some circumstances.
  • Posts and slats available in iroko or seasoned oak
  • Supplied with extended legs (for concreting in), as standard.
  • Also available with pedestal base legs (for bolting down)
  • Pedestal base option can be bolted down with K1 rawl bolts, or K4 extended rawl bolts
  • Frames in either Acrylic Coating or Street-Tough finish in brown 08B29 as standard
  • Supplied fully assembled
Montgomery Bin
  • Corner posts 45mm square
  • Slats 19 x 57mm finished
  • Galvanised 22 swg sheet steel liner with 6mm wired edge, drain holes and pull-out handle
  • Capacity approx. 55 litres
  • Weight approx. 37kg Lidded
  • Weight approx. 30kg Open Top

Available in brown 08B29 as standard


Slats available in iroko or seasoned oak

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