Junior Range Picnic Furniture

Designed with four to eleven year olds in mind, the products in this range are scaled down versions of our standard size products.

Being smaller, these items are very good value, so will be attractive to primary schools who often have restricted funds for playground furniture. Several options are available in bright colours, which will appeal to young children.

The seats and benches either have, or can be, specified with extended legs for concreting in, which enables the installed height to be varied to suit a particular age group, if required.

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Peter Pan Picnic Unit

Peter Pan Picnic Unit

Constructed from planed treated softwood, this unit is particularly cost effective. Despite its low price, it is strongly constructed and attractive.

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Pied Piper Picnic Unit

Pied Piper Picnic Unit

Constructed from sawn green European oak, this unit will give a rustic feel to any playground or play area where it is installed.

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