Engraved Stainless Steel Plaques

Engraved Stainless Steel Plaques

Introduced to overcome the problem of conventional plaques being stolen or damaged, our unique vandal resistant design is in heavy gauge stainless steel, and is normally flush mounted into the seat board.

It is retained by two M10 stainless steel tamper resistant screws, which neatly hold the plaque from the rear. Unlike engraved brass and bronze, stainless steel plaques do not tarnish, so inscriptions remain legible, and the plaques look good for an extended period. These plaques have proved immensely popular since we introduced them more than twenty five years ago, and account for the bulk of the plaques we supply.

On steel boarded seats these plaques are surface mounted, but still secured from the rear. On recycled plastic boarded seats these plaques are flush mounted and attached from the rear, in the same way as on a timber boarded seat.

Any length of inscription is possible with these plaques, though at more than 200 characters, the inscription becomes harder to read.

  • Standard size 63 x 152mm
  • Non-standard 63 x 228mm larger size available
  • Characters infilled and stove enamelled in black
  • Suitable for use with iroko, seasoned European oak, green European oak, seasoned American oak, or treated softwood boards