Commemorative Tree Posts

Commemorative Tree Posts

Trees are an effective alternative to seats in commemorating people or events.

Our tree posts are designed to be placed in front of a tree, and to take our standard size 63 x 152mm plaques, in either flush fitting or surface mounted form. These posts are substantial, and have a decorative relief around the edge.

  • Post 50 x 50 x 1000mm finished
  • Top 205 x 115 x 30mm finished
  • Top glued and screwed to post
  • Available in iroko or seasoned European oak
  • Iroko posts finished in two coats of Liberon finishing oil
  • Seasoned European oak posts finished in a dark oak spirit based matt woodstain
  • Weight approx. iroko 5kg. oak 6kg


Because the posts are 1000mm long as standard, the overall height of the installed post can be varied between 150 and 650mm above the ground, and always have at least 400mm below ground level. The post can easily be cut shorter on site if it is desired to install it close to ground level, and not dig a deep hole. Each post comes complete with a 250mm long 12mm diameter steel cross pin, to put through the leg in the pre-drilled hole, to prevent the post being pulled out of the ground. This cross pin enables a secure fixing to be obtained with rammed hardcore, if concrete is not available. A 250mm diameter post hole borer can also be used for installation.