Chirk & Suffolk Benches

Chirk & Suffolk Benches

Both these benches are economical, and enable the sitter to face either way. They are often specified for children's recreational areas and school playgrounds.

The Suffolk has 45mm thick softwood boards secured by 10mm BZP coach bolts with washers and plain nuts.

  • Chirk boards finished, available in iroko or seasoned oak
  • Suffolk boards available in kiln dried treated softwood
  • Supplied with extended legs (for concreting in), as standard. Also available with pedestal base legs (for bolting down)
  • Pedestal base option can be bolted down with K3 rawl bolts, or K10 extended rawl bolts
  • Frames in either Acrylic Coating or Street-Tough finish in black as standard
  • Supplied as separate boards and frames, requiring assembly
Chirk & Suffolk Benches
  • Chirk boards 32 x 95mm finished
  • Chirk boards available in iroko or seasoned oak
  • Suffolk boards 44 x 145mm finished
  • Suffolk boards available in kiln dried treated softwood
  • Frames 50 x 50 x 3mm hollow, with 50 x 75 x 3mm hollow legs on concrete-in version
  • Chirk length 1800mm, weight approx. 22kg
  • Chirk Length 2400mm, weight approx. 31kg.
  • Suffolk length 1800mm, weight approx. 19kg.

Boards available in iroko or seasoned oak

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All hollow section seats in this range have:

  • Fully welded steel end caps, as opposed to plastic end plugs
  • Stainless steel tamper resistant fastenings
  • Boards fully finished and coated
  • Standardised parts for ease of replacement
  • Various ground fixing options
  • Two standard lengths available, 1800mm and 2400mm
  • Optional arms available
Fully welded end caps
Concealed nut fastening
Tamper resistant fastenings
Concealed nuts

This fixing system has several important advantages:

  • A special key is needed to undo these fastenings, which reduces the risk of unauthorised dismantling
  • No nuts are visible at the rear of the frames, and the fastenings are flush fiing on the board surface
  • Stainless steel fastenings don’t rust, so look good indefinitely
  • The replacement of individual boards is a straight forward task, even many years later

These seats are frequently specified for commemorative purposes for which several types of plaque are available for more information please visit the Commemorative Inscription Service page.