Cambourne Seat

Cavendish Seat

A heavyweight seat having substantial timber sections that give increased strength, whilst retaining the inherent elegance of this traditional design. This model is principally intended for parks and other municipal uses.

The particularly deep main rails shorten the length of the back slats which are a generous 16mm thick. This reduces the risk of the back slats being kicked out by vandals, which can be a problem with all seats of this type.

The stainless steel screws used in the construction of this seat are fully plugged, and the main tenon joints are double-dowelled.

2400 Cavendish seats can be specified in standard form (with two frames) with an additional central leg, or an additional leg and arm. The 2400 version with the central leg only is particularly traditional in appearance. As well as providing significantly increased strength, the 2400 central leg and arm version has an extra arm for the elderly and disabled, and discourages vagrants from sleeping on the seat.

Central frames also enable longer versions to be manufactured. 3600mm is the largest practical size, because of transportation difficulties.

Commemorative versions with special back panels are normally produced for important national events. Click the Commemorative Inscription Service link below.

  • Available in iroko planed and sanded as standard or stained at additional cost, or seasoned European oak
  • Supplied fully assembled
  • K7 straps or K20T brackets, plus K1 or K1T rawl bolts are available to bolt the unit down
  • K6 straps or K19T brackets are available to concrete the unit in
Cambourne Diagram
  • Seat base slats 25 x 65mm finished
  • Legs 70 x 70mm finished
  • Back and front rails 45 x 95mm finished
  • Back slats 16 x 50mm finished
  • Mid rails 40 x 70mm finished
  • Length 1500mm, weight approx. 36kg.
  • Length 1800mm, weight approx. 40kg.
  • Length 2400mm, weight approx. 49kg. (Central leg and arm version 62kg)

Available in iroko planed and sanded as standard
or stained at additional cost, or seasoned European oak

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