Cast Iron Benches

Cast iron seats have a visual appeal that is impossible to achieve with other materials, and are widely specified in environmentally sensitive areas.

We manufacture three designs of seats, the Georgian, the Victorian, and the Grafton. The Georgian and the Grafton are also available as benches (without backs). Standard and heavy-duty versions of all three designs are available, and most options can be specified with timber, steel or recycled plastic slats. All designs come in a variety of lengths, and special configurations are available that will enhance any landscape scheme. We also offer enhanced finish options for these seats, to improve their durability in aggressive environmental conditions Click here to see finish options.

Standard versions use grade 250 grey cast iron for the castings, which is cost effective and durable, and suitable for most normal purposes. It has considerable strength, but will break if subjected to sudden severe shocks, such as those caused by traffic accidents, or extreme vandalism. Standard versions have generously sized boards to give a comfortable sitting position.

The boards on timber slatted versions have an intermediate stainless steel reinforcing strap on the back and base.

Cast Iron Seats
Cast Iron Seats

Heavy-Duty versions have grade 450/10 malleable spheroidal graphite (ductile) iron castings, which are even stronger than the grade 250 grey iron used in our standard versions. Ductile iron is virtually unbreakable in even extreme circumstances, so will withstand the worst vandalism. Our timber slatted heavy duty seats have thicker base boards than the standard versions (except for the Grafton which has thick boards in both versions), and two sets of reinforcing straps, to make them even more rigid.

On both versions the boards can be renewed individually, should they become damaged, without dismantling the whole seat, which greatly facilitates maintenance.

End frames can be provided with a crest or logo, or with the date, if preferred. The 130mm diameter of the plaque enables the logo to be clearly seen at a distance, when compared with the smaller plaques generally found on other manufacturers’ products.

Standard fastenings are stainless steel countersunk socket screws with nyloc nuts. Pin-in-socket security screws are available as an option. The feet have cast-in slots for bolting down, and a variety of installation kits are available.

These seats are frequently specified for commemorative purposes for which several types of plaque are available clcik here to view inscription service.

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Cast iron seats Heavy Duty Seats and Benches

Heavy Duty Seats & Benches

For rigorous environments, we offer heavy-duty versions of all of our wooden boarded cast iron seat and bench designs.

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