Cast Bronze Plaques

Cast Bronze Plaques

These plaques are very traditional in appearance and have a real quality feel to them. The pattern work required is generated with the aid of a computer, which makes the layout and alignment of the characters very consistent.

The plaques are cast from molten bronze and have the background black powder coated. The raised surfaces are then machined which gives very clear definition to the inscription. Finally the completed items are powder coated in an oven in a clear lacquer, to seal all the exposed surfaces which makes them resistant to tarnishing for many years. They are flush mounted into the seat board and are secured from the rear by four M4 screws, which are recessed and plugged, making the installation discreet and tamper resistant.

These plaques are only suitable for timber and recycled plastic boarded products. Because of the nature of the casting process the character size cannot be made smaller than that illustrated, so long inscriptions are not possible with these plaques.

  • Standard size 63 x 152mm
  • Non-standard 63 x 228mm larger size available
  • Standard background colour black, brown available
  • Suitable for use with iroko, seasoned European oak, green European oak, seasoned American oak, or treated softwood boards